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May 2021

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In one of the hymns on the Holy Spirit, one of the invocations says in Latin: "sine tuo numine, nihil est in homine, nihil est innoxium." This means: "without your spirit (outpouring), nothing is in man, nothing is without fault." This means that the Holy Spirit must reside in me so that I can do good and live well. But what frightens me is that the text says that without this

On 15 May, two deacons from the College received priestly orders. Deacon Carlos Iván Campos Arrevalos and Deacon Carlos Armando Galdámez Cortez, from El Salvador, received the priesthood from the hands of Mgr Jorge Patrón Wong, secretary for seminaries at the Congregation for the Clergy. The ceremony was celebrated in the church of Sant'Andrea della Valle, Rome. In his homily, Mgr Patrón emphasized several elements proper to the priesthood. Firstly, referring to Jesus

Dearly beloved in Christ, it is already forty(40) days, after the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday, and today we celebrate the Feast of his Ascension into heaven; a unique and wonderful celebration of hope and courage to all Christians, especially in this most difficult times of Covid-19. The celebration of the Feast of Ascension affirms the Kingship of our Lord Jesus Christ and serves as the

On 8 May last, 8 seminarians from the College received their ordination as deacons. His Excellency Rev. Mgr Antonio Suetta, of the diocese of Ventimiglia-Sanremo, in the north of Italy, conferred the order of diaconate on these brothers of ours. In his homily, the bishop shared "with all present an overflowing joy of heart for the extraordinary moment of grace, and an intense thanksgiving for what God's love works for the

We come from different countries, different cultures, and a world of different languages. We are students from different universities, we follow different specializations in the area of study, depending on the needs of the mission in our local churches. In short, everyone has their own curriculum and class schedule. Despite all these differences, the situation that makes us similar is that all of us are far from the homes of our

On April 17, Bishop Mar Stephen Chirapannah, apostolic visitor for the faithful of the Syro-Malabar rite in Europe, conferred the order of diaconate on the seminarian Melbin Tomy, the order of subdiaconate on 11 seminarians, and the order of lectorate on five of them. In his homily, the bishop told us that "if the priest has his eyes open and his heart open during the celebration of the Eucharist, this will

During the Easter Octave, we had the great joy of having seminarians and deacons from the College receive deacon and priest ordination in their respective countries. Below is the list:   Deacon ordinations in Mexico On 5 April last, the seminarians Ramiro Vázquez Aguilar and Luis Carlos Rodríguez López received the deacon ordination. Bishop Gerardo de Jesús Rojas López, Bishop of Tabasco, presided over the ceremony with the two key moments of deacon ordination

This year, despite the pandemic, it was possible for some of the priests and seminarians of the College to go to different parishes in Italy to minister during Holy Week. For the priests, they went to different parishes. Here are the photos with the destinations of those who were able to go   A small group of seminarians went to the parish of Santa Maria del Popolo, in Surbo, Lecce in the south of

Dear friends: In the post I wrote in September 2020, I asked the Lord to bring the vaccine against Covid to the world. Blessed be God, for the vaccine has already reached millions of people! The vaccine has not yet reached Maria Mater Ecclesiae College. But we are happy because the Lord has been great with us in the last months. Let me tell you about it. In December 2020, several seminarians and

Each year, Mother's church gives us the opportunity to reflect on the Divine Mercy, in other words, the mercy of God revealed to humankind. As we meditate on this concept I would like to begin by looking at what mercy is, and it is seen at the divine level. We look at this short sorry of a young boy, his mother, and a judge. This juvenile on several occasions was