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Leading them along the way

Víctor Hugo Jiménez, L.C.


One of the most rewarding and important indications in any process of formation towards the priesthood is when the seminarian himself is interested in him and sees himself as an important actor and protagonist. It is true that God is the main actor, it is He who, little by little, through the grace and inspirations that he leaves in the soul, who shapes the attitudes and feelings of the candidate for the priesthood, but the correspondence of the seminarian is not only fundamental, but also irreplaceable. It is on this horizon that the College understands the element of self-formation: in the seminary’s sincere interest in wanting to internalize and support the inspirations and work that God does in his heart to form him as that of Christ the Good Shepherd. Thus, God as the main actor, and the seminarian as the repository of his inspirations and grace, are the two great actors in the inner process of conversion and formation. The formators of the College are called to accompany and guide the seminarian on his path of generosity. Guiding the seminarian on his path of dedication to the Lord, we formators are the first witnesses to the action of God in his heart. Through close accompaniment, we make them see which are the spaces and situations in which they still lack something to do. Outline, until achieving at the end of the road: the configuration with Christ and the assimilation of his feelings by the grace and the sacrament of Order.