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Deacon ordination in Latin rite

On 8 May last, 8 seminarians from the College received their ordination as deacons. His Excellency Rev. Mgr Antonio Suetta, of the diocese of Ventimiglia-Sanremo, in the north of Italy, conferred the order of diaconate on these brothers of ours.

In his homily, the bishop shared “with all present an overflowing joy of heart for the extraordinary moment of grace, and an intense thanksgiving for what God’s love works for the Church and the whole world through the trust of those who hand themselves over to him.”

The diaconate is marked by service: “Chosen for the Order of the Diaconate, the grace of this sacrament is grafted onto your response to the Lord’s invitation to spend yourselves unreservedly for the building up of his Kingdom, and conforms you to the Lord Jesus, poor and servant of all.”

“Deacon means servant, service means self-giving, benevolence, friendliness, availability, supportive help, closeness, and accompaniment. Do not forget, however, that the first and greatest service that you are called to render to every person is the service of truth, remembering the words of Jesus: “What profit is there for one to gain the whole world and forfeit his life? (Mk 8:36).”

Below are photos of each new deacon and a group photo at the end of Mass.


Deacon Marcus Hans from India testifies:

“For me, Diaconate ministry is a great responsibility. It is that part of the vocational journey that demands my selfless dedication to follow the Lord and prepares me to be more firm in my decision to serve the Lord no matter how many trials and tribulations may come on my way making me a man of strong faith,  constant in the zeal to be a man of prayer and to persevere in my priestly formation depending upon the grace and help of the Lord and not in my own abilities. It is a way to become more like the Lord and serve as an instrument of grace.”


We thank the Lord for the gift of these 8 deacons to serve His Church.

In this link, you can read the homily: Deacon ordination: homily