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With the Church

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Leading them along the way

Serving the Church is the why of the Pontifical College Maria Mother of the Church as its mission is to collaborate with the local churches in preparing good priests from all over the world.

Mater Ecclesiae students learn to love the Church in a very particular way, because living in Rome is experiencing the faith lived by so many christians’s saints over two thousand years.

Living close to the Holy Father creates ties of affection and loyalty to the Pope and to paying particular attention to spreading his teachings when they return to their countries.

Living in Rome at an international school is a unique experience of the universal Church. Students learn to know the life of the Church with its multiple cultural and pastoral realities. When priests who have studied in the Mater feel that they are talking about the Church in Africa, India, or America, they are not abstract concepts, but faces of friends with whom they have shared many things together, certainly some difficulties and challenges, but much more joy and happiness achievements.

Finally, under the gaze of Mary, Mother of the Church, she is known as the mother of each one of us, no matter where we come from, she takes care of each one because we are Church.