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On Saturday, March 19, the Solemnity of St. Joseph, seven seminarians from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ecuador and Venezuela were admitted to Holy Orders. The celebration was presided over by Monsignor Vincenzo Viva, Bishop of Albano. The celebration took place in the chapel of the International College Maria Mater Ecclesiae. In his homily, Msgr. Vincenzo stressed the importance of becoming disciples of Jesus on the path to ordained ministry, guided by an epiphany

Mons. Aloysius Fondong, a member of the community of student priests of Mater Ecclesiae presented his doctoral defense today at the Pontifical Urbaniana University. The topic of the thesis is: Parish goods and its administration in a Diocese: A study of Canon 532 of the 1983 code of Canon Law case in the diocese of Buea. We congratulate Bishop Aloysius for this great academic achievement.

On February 26, the Mater Ecclesiae community had a cultural and recreational outing to the Benedictine Monastery of Subiaco, as well as to Monte Livata. For some of the seminarians it was the first time they had seen snow. It was an extraordinary day of hiking and sharing. Not only did we get to see the snow, but we also saw snow, which made the scenery even more majestic. In

The importance of vocations is always a commitment of every Christian. For this reason, Monday's conference was dedicated to vocation ministry. The speaker was Fr. José Meléndez, L.C. who shared with us not only his experiences in vocation promotion, but also the importance of forming from the beginning those young people who show vocational interest.

A Symposium on the Priesthood was held in Rome from February 17-19. Formators and some seminarians participated in this event. They were intense days with great speakers, such as Card. Marc Ouellet, Card. Luis Antonio Tagle, Card. Kurt Koch, among others. The three days allowed us to echo the value of the priest and his mission in the world.

The Holy Father has designated Fr. Aloysius Fondong Bishop of Mamfe in Cameroon. He is currently a member of the community of student priests of Mater Ecclesiae. Bishop Aloysius Fondong Abangalo was born on June 5, 1973 in Limbe, in the Diocese of Buéa. He studied philosophy and theology at the St. Thomas Aquinas Interdiocesan Major Seminary of Bambui, in Bamenda. He holds a degree in Canon Law from the Université

On 15 May, two deacons from the College received priestly orders. Deacon Carlos Iván Campos Arrevalos and Deacon Carlos Armando Galdámez Cortez, from El Salvador, received the priesthood from the hands of Mgr Jorge Patrón Wong, secretary for seminaries at the Congregation for the Clergy. The ceremony was celebrated in the church of Sant'Andrea della Valle, Rome. In his homily, Mgr Patrón emphasized several elements proper to the priesthood. Firstly, referring to Jesus

Dearly beloved in Christ, it is already forty(40) days, after the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday, and today we celebrate the Feast of his Ascension into heaven; a unique and wonderful celebration of hope and courage to all Christians, especially in this most difficult times of Covid-19. The celebration of the Feast of Ascension affirms the Kingship of our Lord Jesus Christ and serves as the

On 8 May last, 8 seminarians from the College received their ordination as deacons. His Excellency Rev. Mgr Antonio Suetta, of the diocese of Ventimiglia-Sanremo, in the north of Italy, conferred the order of diaconate on these brothers of ours. In his homily, the bishop shared "with all present an overflowing joy of heart for the extraordinary moment of grace, and an intense thanksgiving for what God's love works for the

We come from different countries, different cultures, and a world of different languages. We are students from different universities, we follow different specializations in the area of study, depending on the needs of the mission in our local churches. In short, everyone has their own curriculum and class schedule. Despite all these differences, the situation that makes us similar is that all of us are far from the homes of our