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Ministries conferred on seminarians

This last Sunday of ordinary time, Sunday of Christ the King, the Holy Mess has been presided over by Msg. Joël Mercier, Secretary of the Congregation for the Clergy, where the ministries of lectorate and acolyte have been conferred.

These two ministries are conferred in the stage of theological studies (or configurator), before diaconal ordination, so that they can exercise them for a suitable period and better prepare themselves for the future service of the Word of God and the Altar. The lectorate proposes to the seminarian the “challenge” of letting himself be transformed by the Word of God, the object of his prayer and study. The bestowal of the acolyte implies a deeper participation in the mystery of Christ who gives himself and is present in the Eucharist, in the assembly and in the brother (RFIS 72).

In the words of Msg. Joël, the ministry of the lectorate is the ministry of the reader of the Word of God in the liturgy and catechesis. The ministry of the acolyte is the ministry that enables the service of the altar, especially in the Mass. The bishop reiterated its importance several times.

Among the seminarians of the College, 15 received the lectorate ministry and 13 the acolyte ministry.

Here are some photos of the ceremony.