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The Pontifical International College Maria Mater Ecclesiae, established in Rome in 1991, is a priestly formation center that was born as a response to one of the most pressing needs of the Church, in the words of Saint John Paul II, to help diocesan bishops of the world in preparing future priests.

The most relevant formative principles of the College Maria Mater Ecclesiae are Christocentrism, integral formation, personal accompaniment, and a deep spirit of ecclesial communion. After the first years of formation in the diocese itself, the seminarian in Rome opens  himself to the horizon of the universal Church. Rome offers future priests a privileged opportunity to consolidate their love for Christ, Mary, the Church, their adherence to the Apostolic See and the Vicar of Christ.

Given the internationality of the College, seminarians experience the catholicity of the Church in a live and personal way, through the exchange of diverse cultures and traditions of the same faith.

The Maria Mater Ecclesiae College is located 20 minutes from the Vatican City and 10 minutes from the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, where seminarians study Theology or a specialization.

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Formation Team

Enrique Tapia, L.C.


Pío Centeno, L.C.


Mauricio Ruiz, L.C.



Pío Centeno, L.C.


Jorge Ortiz, L.C.


Pierre Salabert, L.C.


Spiritual Directors

Brian Wilson, L.C.

Spiritual Director

José Meléndez, L.C.

Spiritual Director

Edward McNamara, L.C.

Spiritual Director