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Human Formation

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The beginning of a life

The human formation in the seminary aims to bring the candidate closer to the priesthood as much as possible to his ideal: Christ.

As the refrain says: “first the man, then the saint”. The basis on which God wants to grow a vocation is the man fully willing to be formed in the virtues that enrich his personality. Therefore, we try to give this form to the person, so that pastoral service develops in the best possible way. The priest is asked a lot, because he has to deal with people and he has to try to transmit Christ to them in a reliable, creative way, and with a language close to human reality.

As formators, the responsibility we have is very great. We try to give personalized formation, in accordance with the reality of each person. Only in this way is it possible to orient the candidate to follow his convictions and to form himself, that is, to live in such a way that he himself is convinced that he is the best for himself and for his pastoral ministry.

All these elements are essential to persevere in the call of God, to be constant in trying one and another time, not to be afraid of making mistakes or recognizing his defects, to get up once more after things do not go as one wishes.

Because priestly ordination is not the end, but only the beginning of a passionate and faithful life in the service of God and souls.