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Rector’s Easter Message 2024

Dear friends:

Together with the whole Church we have in recent days recalled and lived the mystery of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The mystery of the cross is profound and touches us deeply. All, absolutely all human beings have experienced and frequently experience pain, sorrow, sadness, dissatisfaction, suffering and one day… death. As an example, let us remember the terrible wars in Ukraine, in Gaza and in other regions of the world, with the trail of death, destruction, hatred and atrocious suffering that they leave in their wake.

The mystery of evil bites us, haunts us, wounds us. And we could easily give in to discouragement and meaninglessness.

But…CHRIST IS RISEN!!!! Yes, that is the great joyful news of our faith. We are not only historical men who live in the midst of a world where evil and sin abound; we are also men redeemed by Christ, by his merciful love, who assures us peace, love and eternal life if we believe and trust in Him. “Where sin abounded, grace abounded much more” (Rom 5:20). We can already live this marvelous and joyful reality in this world, certainly in an imperfect and limited way, but it is real. And we will live it to the full in Heaven.

The Risen Christ always accompanies us in this life, he is at our side, he helps us, he guides us, he consoles us, he strengthens us, he enlightens us. That is why we need not fear or be sad. Our faith and our confidence rest on the One who has conquered sin and death. Whatever happens, we look to the future with hope and illusion, with the desire to be able to transmit God’s love to many people.

May the peace, joy and happiness of the Risen Christ be with you all. Amen.

P. Enrique Tapia, LC. Rector